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Fairy Tale Tarot Cards for Beginners - Spiritual Reading Deck with Guidebook

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    Fairy Tale Tarot Cards Sub Image
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    Product Details

    • 94 Tarot Cards with Guide Book ◆ Offer profound spiritual insights and guidance with our tarot card deck which includes 78 fairytale-themed reading cards plus 16 additional anime tarot cards.

    • Gorgeous Design ◆ Each card in our tarot decks flaunts a glossy UV finish for a touch of class. These cute tarot cards feature sky blue foils that blend seamlessly with the deck’s magical vibe.

    • Tarot Cards and Book Sets for Beginners ◆ Our tarot cards for beginners with guidebook is perfect for new card readers, with a 192-page full-colored book with comprehensive meanings and definitions.

    • Beautiful Illustrations ◆ Our tarot decks with guidebook feature kings, queens, knights, and other magical fairytale characters. The drawings on the tarot deck are bright and eye-catching.

    • Made to Last ◆ Printed on 350gsm white core paper, these tarot cards with guidebook can withstand repeated shuffling and dealing. They boast exceptional printing quality so they won’t easily fade.