PRIME MUSE is a professional brand of fortune-telling tools launched in Korea in July 2020. We design, develop, and publish our own tarot cards, card games, books, and fortune-telling tools.

Though PRIME MUSE started business from July, 2020, in fact, we have much older history. She, who is the main author and director of PRIME MUSE, is a famous tarot master in Korea and mastered East and West fortune-telling for about 30 years. The things and ideas she kept in her heart are now getting ready to be revealed to the world through PRIME MUSE.

The tarot cards released to the world with her spiritual abilities are the result of more than 30 years of training she has already accumulated. PRIME MUSE is going to produce the items she is planning now and introduce and promote them not only to Korea but also to the whole world. Her first work is "Manshin Oracle Deck". Based on Korean shamanism, she put Korean culture with a long history into a tarot card deck. Manshin Oracle Deck is a modern einterpretation of Korean shamanism's faith with thousands of years of tradition. It is already famous as the best-selling tarot deck in Korea, and is loved by a lot of Korean tarot masters.

Since then, PRIME MUSE has been doing a lot of research and attempts with her and launching a variety of products from Korean style products such as Four Seasons Hwatu Oracle, Secret of the Kingdom, Korean Gisaeng Oracle, and Wildflower Advice Oracle to classic tarot decks that follow the basics. PRIME MUSE has already raised more than $100,000 in total on Tumblbug, a Korean crowdfunding company, and will introduce the products that are still loved by many Koreans to the people overseas, finally.

PRIME MUSE, From now on

We are planning to provide all the products in English and Japanese translation. It will not be 100% perfect, but we will continue to correct the translation to fill the needs of the locals as much as possible. If you find a translation error, please notice us by email. Then we can correct the error at the next reprinting.

Our Mission

1. We are going to recruit authorized retail stores from several countries connected to Korea, the United States, and Japan. Our ultimate goal is to reduce overseas customers' shipping charges by only giving exclusive rights to those retail stores and connecting them with the customers who want to buy PRIME MUSE's products.

2. For now, we only sell and distribute the tarot and oracle cards produced by PRIME MUSE. But we plan to further expand the supply chain by selling our works of tarot cards and other book authors from around the world at PRIME MUSE in the future.

3. The large printing factory that links with PRIME MUSE produces the printing products such as tarot cards, board games, books, card games, and playing cards in high quality. PRIME MUSE can produce and deliver customized prints to the customers all over the world.