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Buddha Tarot : The Great Journey of Siddhartha

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    Buddha Tarot : The Great Journey of Siddhartha Main Image
    Buddha Tarot : The Great Journey of Siddhartha Sub Image
    Buddha Tarot : The Great Journey of Siddhartha Sub Image
    Buddha Tarot : The Great Journey of Siddhartha Sub Image
    Buddha Tarot : The Great Journey of Siddhartha Sub Image

    Product Details

    • Budha Tarot (Siddhartha) ◆ Buddhism to Earth is already widely spread all over the world, but we made a decision to product this 'Buddha Tarot Card' after contemplating the way of applying his story more to ordinary people's lives. Looking into the Painting of the Eight Great Events of Buddhism, we thought the life of the Buddha accords well with the waite system of tarot cards. Therefore, we made a bold attempt.

    • About Major Arcana ◆ The cards of the major arcana specifically summarized the life story of the Buddha. We also assigned the characters of the cards among the surrounded people of Siddhartha, who played important roles at that time. The High Priestess and The Hierophant cards were replaced by The First Female Monk Daeaedo and Lotus Buddha, but the other cards did not have big differences, and own same meanings with the waite system tarot deck.

    • About Minor Arcana ◆ The cards in minor arcana were especially based on the third painting of the Eight Great Events of Buddhism. We noted that Siddhartha was greatly enlightened by the people he met outside the four gates of the castle. We applied the caste class of India to the characters appearing at each gate and tried to prepare for their joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure and life and death.

    • Important Point ◆ Although some people may consider the caste system is not very related to the life of Buddha, the history of India as well as the Buddha's time cannot be discussed except the caste system. We tried to express it as Minor Arcana by adding a bit of imagination to Indians' lives. Therefore, this deck is similar to the existing cards with waite system, but there are also differences.

    • Recommend to ◆ For those who are interested in Buddha's history and India's caste system, they can understand Buddha Tarot Cards interestingly and also can use this deck as a great fortune-telling tool to show their spiritual abilities.